Arise and impact your Generation now! By Rev. John Kwasi Fosu

Rev. Fosu at Bochum, Germany

Impacting your generation has no expiry date. If the starting point of relevant living is getting connected with God, then recognize the fact that the time to impact generation is now. It begins from recognizing and affirming your design. For God has made you for a purpose. Let the period of living in regret and anxiety be over. Regret looks at the past, worry looks at the prevailing circumstance, but faith looks ahead. If God chose and sent Moses as a deliverer at the age of eighty (80), then there is hope for you. If God could anoint and use David at a tender Age of seventeen (17) then it is not over with you. You still have a chance to make impact. The only barrier is for you to live purposeless life. And this is what this site helps you to avoid.

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